We're a team.

The Automobile Club Verona, founded in 1923, is increasingly committed to the promotion, protection and disclosure of automotive in all its aspects. From safety to road education, from leisure activities for members to events open to all, from motorsport to the enhancement of Verona and its territory.

Adriano Baso

President of the Automobile Club Verona former rally driver and former World Champion in the Ferrari Challenge.

Riccardo Cuomo

Director of the Verona Automobile Club since 2011, he is the mind of most of the events that are being carried out.

Eddy Campanella
Resp. Commerciale
Eddy Campanella
Marketing Area

Automobile Club Verona's marketing manager he carries out the team on the field in the realization of the events.

Enrico Gaburro
Sport Area

Head of the Automobile Club Verona Sports Bureau is our deep expert of Regulations and sport laws.

Eddy Campanella
Resp. Commerciale
Matteo Bellamoli
Press Office

Press Officer and SMM for Automobile Club Verona since 2012, Journalist since 2011 he is specialized in communication for motorsport.

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